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Vaccines and immunizations are recommended for every child born in the United States.

Are there any adverse side effects associated with childhood vaccinations?

Most children have reactions to vaccinations which include slight temperature and discomfort. For more information regarding the critical time periods following innoculations go to the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Table.

Possible difficulties can include but are not limited to anaphylactic shock, encephalitis, shock, high fever (over 102° F), seizures and inconsolable crying. Signs and symptoms such as high pitched and unusual screaming, persistent inconsolable crying, irritability, extreme tiredness, and bulging fontanel (on top of head) can be evident.

In those rare cases of vaccine injury, damages can be permanent and life-threatening. If you believe your child is having an adverse reaction to a vaccine, contact your physician immediately. For a child who begins to scream and cry inconsolably, tape-record the child's voice or video-tape the reaction and contact your physician immediately or take your child to the emergency room.

What if my doctor does not think the reaction is anything out of the ordinary?

You know typical and atypical behavior of your child. If your child exhibits any of the aforementioned side-effects, take your child to the emergency-room and have the symptoms documented. Keep a detailed record of the behavior of your child to include the time and exactly what happened after the shot(s) and all treating physicians and facilities, including names and dates.

You do have legal recourse through The Vaccine Compensation Act; however, you should have an attorney represent you and your child's best interests in the filing of your paperwork. Scott Johni is one of a handful of attorneys in the state of Florida who handles vaccination claims in the Court of Federal Claims.

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