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Justice Served – 21 Million for the Little Guys

We’ve seen the drama of a class-action lawsuit played out in movies or on TV. We’ve seen the advertisements seeking plaintiffs to opt into a legal fight, predicated by the ominous “you may be eligible for ….” But, for many of us, it’s little more than that—a plot line or a slightly suspect late-night plea. Real life is not always so dramatic or interesting... Read more

Published: 06/08/18

Bay Area Legal Services Receives $198,526 Award

Attorney Scott Johni, along wth class representative Alfred Williams, presents a check to Bay Area Legal Services as part of the class action verdict's cy pres charitable ditributuion. Read more here at Read more

Published: 05/23/18

Salvation Army cy pres Award Presentation

The life of one class action case: 12 years of litigation, 3 trials, 9 appeals, removal to Federal Court, remanded to State Court, and nearly 1 year to distribute funds for a win for the 65,0000 class members. Johnilaw is proud to have assembled the trial team and honored with the lead plaintiff, Fred Williams, to make an impact in the lives of Floridians.
In the last 45 days, the trial team of Sc... Read more

Published: 05/09/18

Gulfcoast Legal Services cy pres Award Presentation

St. Petersburg, Florida
Johnilaw was honored to present a cy Pres award check to Gulfcoast Legal Services in the amount of $55,9465.55. After 12 years of litigation including 3 trials and 9 appeals, class members were refunded in full and unclaimed funds were distributed to 18 charitable organizations covering the State of Florida. Pictured with the class representative, Fred Williams, a... Read more

Published: 04/05/18

Legal Aid of Manasota cy pres Award Presentation

St. Petersburg, Florida
It was an honor to present Legal Aid of Manasota a cy pres Award of $19,527.05 which will be used to help provide free legal services to the most vulnerable families in Sarasota and Manatee Counties. The cy pres awards were a result of unclaimed funds from a class action verdict being donated to organizations that assist families across the state in all 67 Florida counties.... Read more

Published: 04/05/18

American Board of Trial Advocates cy pres Award Presentation

Scott Johni is honored, with the class represenative,Fred Williams, to present a cy pres award check to the Tampa Bay Chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) in the amount of $100,000.00. These funds come as a result of 12 years of litigation on behalf of 65,000 Florida consumers. There was a favorable class action verdict against a state-wide propane company that unlawfully charge... Read more

Published: 04/05/18

The Personal Touch at The Law Office of Scott Johni, PA

Saint Petersburg Civil Trial Lawyer Scott Johni always knew he wanted to become an attorney, but in 1986 when he was a 19-year-old student attending Eckerd College, a life-changing car crash propelled him on his career path in injury law. The victim of a negligent, uninsured driver, Johni survived a fractured C2 vertebra, considered among the most severe of spinal cord injuries. The injury caused h... Read more

Published: 11/18/16